EDDC – Two views

TWO DIFFERENT VIEWS This page was stimulated by an article in The Echo on Tuesday, 17 January. On Monday East Dorset council voted for another option, to defer the decision about the merger because there had not been enough information and much of the decision-making was made by a small group of Councillors. Although the proposal was narrowly defeated, it stimulated a number of comments, and I have chosen two of them which relate particularly to Christchurch and support opposing views. There is opportunity for your own comments at the bottom.
COMMENT BY ‘THE GAME’S UP’ All the very best to East Dorset. As a Christchurch resident I have no wish for the amalgamation and am pleased to say that thousands of Christchurch citizens are waking up to what’s being rushed though. Recently going out of my way to chat to local people to find how they feel about the planned merger, most hadn’t a clue what I was on about, others said no-one had asked them one way or the other. Then again I found that others were under the impression that it had been signed and sealed and were not happy about it. How McIntosh can state that eight councils chose to go ahead is a lie. On December 13th in Christchurch Civic Offices there was a vote against the amalgamation, on the 15th December Christchurch leader Cllr Nottage attended a meeting with Bournemouth & Poole. Top brass behind closed doors, what was said is secret. By all accounts Nottage took no notice of the vote on the 13th and went ahead for a merger. He cannot be trusted. We are being stitched up, chat to each other and attend your local meetings. Bournemouth and Poole are in the red to the sum of £7,000,000, yes millions. Christchurch at the moment have a very good bank balance. We don’t own the airport but enjoy the assets, i.e. payments from all the industry there, and this is what Bournemouth wants to get their greedy hands on in a merger. Go out of your way to find out what’s going to affect us all in the future. Don’t be rushed.
REPLY FROM ‘BSJC1234’ As a Christchurch resident I personally don’t care what EDDC do but like a majority of Christchurch residents (yes the majority) we all see the benefits of this proposed merger. Bournemouth, one of the above correspondents claims, is millions in the red, I think they need to check their facts on that one, Poole however is a different matter and Christchurch as they say correctly is well in the black, if we stay with Dorset Council this surplus will disappear, why? Because Christchurch as a council is to disappear and along with it its surplus to be spent and enjoyed by the tractor lovers in West Dorset (who are desperate for the money in the east of the county. With the proposed supercouncil we have to remember one thing:
  • Bournemouth will still be Bournemouth
  • Christchurch will still be Christchurch
  • Poole will still be Poole
Yes the monetary surplus will disappear overtime BUT it will be spent on us, local residents, local commuters, local services and NOT some strange unheard of village in west Dorset. Wake up, this merger must happen for all our sakes.