Beryl Bikes for Christchurch

They’re Here!

11 September 2020

Yesterday I was surprised and delighted to see that they have finally arrived in Christchurch. The first two were on the pavement on the opposite side of the road to Homechurch House, near the Stony Lane corner on Purewell.
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Then, guess what I saw in Somerford! I had been surprised that there had been no reports of this in the press, or even, as far as I know, from BCP.  However, this article appeared in The Echo, and there are some good pictures of important and ordinary  people riding them at the official ceremony at Highcliffe Castle. Even Vikki Slade was there.

They’re Coming!

The article below appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of the BCP News: Bournemouth and Poole’s new Beryl bikes have been welcomed by the local community following their launch in June, and the company is keen to now expand the bike share scheme further into Christchurch. Within their first month in action, Beryl’s fleet of emerald green bikes took Bournemouth and Poole residents on journeys totalling over 7000km – the equivalent of 430 trips from Sandbanks Ferry Terminal to Hengistbury Head – and were used in over 4000 trips. Uptake has grown rapidly since then, and as the scheme approaches its three-month anniversary, Beryl reports that bikes have now been used for journeys totalling over 60,000km around the local area. Since the start of the scheme, there have been various rumours circulating the three towns that some bikes were being vandalised or even stolen. In response, Ruth Grimoldby from Beryl Bikes said, ‘Beryl is working with the local council and police to reduce the level of vandalism and try to prevent it.’ Addressing the claim that bikes were being stolen, she confirmed it was ‘nothing more than a rumour. The connectivity of Beryl Bikes allows us to track each and every bike and its activity. If an event like this happened we would be able to see the location of the damage and would notify the police.’ Following the successful launch in Bournemouth and Poole, Beryl is now looking at whether the scheme can expand into Christchurch. BH Living recently conducted a snap-poll amongst Christchurch residents asking the question, ‘Do we want Beryl bikes in Christchurch?’ There were 470 responses. See the chart. Local BCP Council chief Vikki Slade told us recently: ‘We are working hard to bring Beryl to Christchurch. As the project is performing so well in Poole and Bournemouth, I am confident this will happen quickly. The ambition is to have 1000 bikes in BCP and we know that there have been large numbers of requests in Christchurch which bodes well for its success. Beryl CEO Philip Ellis said: ‘We are very keen to extend the service further into Christchurch and would look to work closely with the local council to do so. So far we have received around 200 requests for bays in Christchurch and are keen to talk more with Christchurch residents on how an extension of the service area might impact their movement in the BCP area.’   Finally, click below to see how the system works.