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Tonight, 10 November 2020 at 6pm the Planning Meeting for the Town Council will be broadcast live. There are seven items in the agenda, and you can watch the meeting by going to the excellent Facebook page (or click the shield, above) though obviously that broadcast will not be live until this evening!


‘The Town Council is elected by the residents of the Town and the five Wards comprising the Parish of Christchurch and is the most accessible tier of local government.

Cllr Lesley Dedman, Mayor of Christchurch

‘Serving an electorate of approximately 25,000 electors and over 40,000 residents Christchurch Town Council was created in April 2019 following Local Government Re-organisation.

‘The Town Council operates three allotment sites, multiple parks and open spaces including Christchurch Quay and the Bandstand, as well as being a Landlord to community organisations.

‘The Town Council is led by the Mayor of Christchurch. We operate schemes such as Community Grants and are currently working towards the creation of the first Neighbourhood Plan for Christchurch. This shall ensure that Christchurch residents can have a true say in how Christchurch should be developed by future planning policies and applications.’

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