Christchurch Health Walks

Christchurch Walking for Health Scheme is restarting the health walks in accordance with the guidance from Walking for Health. This decision is effective from 21st September 2020.  

We continue to encourage individuals to keep safe, active and take every opportunity to get out in the fresh air and walk in the meanwhile. We are planning on hosting four morning walks per week on Mondays starting at Highcliffe Library, Tuesdays in Saxon Square, Wednesdays from the Globe Inn and Fridays from Highcliffe Castle. More details will follow shortly. 

Our Health Walks are led by volunteer walk leaders throughout the Christchurch area. They run every week to help you establish a routine, and are ideal for beginners. Have a look to see if there is a walk near you, they are all free to attend.

Here is the proposed programme of walks, taken from their website. Obviously this is subject to change according to circumstances.

Note that both the header image, and the one below, were taken on Thursday, 27 August. It is not from a Health Walk, but they all looked to be enjoying their time by the Avon, just next to the bridge carrying the very busy A35. They seemed appropriate pictures to use.