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Those Halcyon Days

April 20, 3.45pm

The lake near MWCC looked absolutely beautiful this morning. The fisherman, placid and silent on the bank, must joy in days like this. Click the image.

Short but Sweet

April 19, 7pm

Apologies, I have been busy today, so to keep the site updated, there is a trivial but nonetheless encouraging update on Oddments.

Two Updates Today

April 18, 2.45pm

Now that yesterday’s moving funeral of Prince Philip funeral is over, there is a link to a new covid statistics section on that page. The huge chart from before Christmas has become useless, so it has been simplified.

5pm: Diary of a walk, and a shock! Click the image. Header image also replaced with footballers on the recreation ground. 

Good News – This Week’s Figures

April 16, 5pm

A significant improvement over last week, though the number in hospital has stayed the same – just seven. Click here to see the chart.

7pm: The latest Statistics Page has the full results, with this week added. Also available on the menu, under Covid-19. In addition, the latest Excel file is available from that page.


April 15, 5.45pm

A brief update today on Oddments. Click the image to go there.

Swans and Knitting and Crochet

April 14, 4.45pm

Click the image below to discover what on earth I’m on about!

The header image has also been changed, now showing the Priory from Grimmery Point, a less-visited part of Stanpit Marsh.

Warm Words

April 13, 4.30pm

Yesterday I, and those others who have subscribed, received an email of condolence and remembrance from BCP Council about Prince Philip. It was well-written and thoughtful, and you can read its contents by clicking here.

More ‘Normal’

April 12, 4.15pm

It was good to see Christchurch Market this morning. It was quite busy and everyone was enjoying the seemingly long-ago experience.

April 11, 1pm

Here are details of the new ‘freedoms’ we have tomorrow. Lighthearted update on Oddments. Click the squirrel to go.

Slightly Higher This Week

April 1o, 7.30am

There is a slight increase in all three figures this week, but it is worth reading what BCP Council have said about it. Click here.

7.45am: Statistics page now updated, and the Excel file too.

3pm: Flags at half mast in Christchurch.

Sumer is icumen in

April 9, 4.30pm

The first line of the famous song seemed appropriate today. You can listen to it here (YouTube, new window) and/or read about it by clicking the image below.

Recycling Sites

April 8, 6.45pm

This is an important, though very dull, update. The summer timetable is in force for the waste and recycling centres in the BCP area. Click here to read about it.

Note that this page was difficult to find, and I was the one who produced the site! Hence the direct link above. I will improve the Governance page tomorrow as soon as possible – it definitely needs more clarity, information at a glance and all that!

Excitement and Risk

April 7, 4pm

Excitement (well, mild pleasure, really) because of the sign seen today outside the Ship Inn on Christchurch High Street. It seems to have been a long time.

Click the image below for a closer look at the Fountain Roundabout, which was a little risky to get on to.

Coming Up updated, with lockdown changes for Monday listed

It’s the Elections Soon

April 6, 4.30pm

These are happening next month. There is now a page – with very little on it for now! – under the Governance Menu.

Bad Weather – Up North

April 5, 3.30pm

But it is pleasant here! The header image has been changed. Yes, it could be anywhere, but the flowers on Highcliffe Recreation Ground looked spectacular, so just for a few days I couldn’t resist. There has been progress with Pinebeach, too. Go here to see more.

Click the image for some proof of this morning’s weather.

All Calm on the Seaside Front

April 4, 3.45pm

Two updates today. The first shows good progress with the new flats on Lymington Road, the second a most civilised and calm lunchtime at our sunny seaside.

Here’s the Menu

April 3, 4pm

You’ll never guess what the flowered cafe is called! Click the image to find out. There is also something really pleasant about The Priory.

Covid Figures

April 2, 9.15am

Once more a reduction. Things are going well, BCP is one of the ‘best’ areas in the country. Click the chart for more details, and here (then scroll down) for a really exciting new chart (but don’t expect too much!). The Excel file is also available from that page.

10.30am: A link to the Mirror has been added at the bottom of the statistics page. This shows the figures for the whole country – with BCP near the bottom!

It’s April

April 1, 2.45pm

Just to start the month, a picture to show the fantastic job they have done on The Priory. It has taken months, but I am sure that you will agree that it was worth it! Click it to go there.

Important Change

March 31, 10.30am

Nothing new on the site, except that it has now been set up to use https. It shows the address as https://www.thisischristchurch.com. Previously it was indicated as not secure. This should make no difference to its functionality.

12.15pm: The calendar (‘Coming Up’) is ready for the next three months. I have left today on as it is still today, but will delete today tomorrow when it becomes yesterday, if you see what I mean!

You Will Must Obey!

March 30, 6pm

A warning from Cllr Andy Williams about the need to be careful now that some lockdown restrictions have been removed, or reduced.

Lovely, Golfy Day

March 29, 1.45pm

Today lockdown has been eased, a little. The weather, too, is beautiful, and it is not surprising that Highcliffe Golf Course was busy. To be honest, I think they would still have been there if it was a monsoon!

Click to go to the update

From Tomorrow

March 28, 8.15am

  • Some of the covid restrictions are being lifted tomorrow. For full details click here.
  • On another note, I hope you remembered to put your clocks forward.
  • Possible apologies needed: the site has once again started to add paragraph breaks in the code. It does not seem to have had any effect on the page, I just hope that huge gaps don’t start appearing again! It seems to be quite a common WordPress problem.

6.15pm: Steamer Point flats – plans refused

It’s (Almost) Fantastic

March 27, 4pm

A visit to the Priory this morning was rewarded with only half a view. Click the image below to read more. I know it’s not The Priory, but trust me!

Yesterday’s’ Covid Figures

March 27, 7am

It’s a good result this week, all the figures are down. Click here to view the page.

Priory Finished – Again!

March 26, 5.15pm

It was good at last to see that the scaffolding and plastic sheeting has been removed from the Priory, and it is once more resplendent in all its glory. The header image shows this, and you can see more by clicking the picture below.

The Avon Beach Stones

March 25, 12.15pm

They are still there, and looking even better than ever. Just click the stone below to go to the article.

Done It!

March 24, 3pm

The site is now back as it was, with no sidebar. In addition, the extra spaces have gone from the page linked below (23 March). I don’t know how that happened: they vanished just as mysteriously as they had appeared!

3.45pm: Sorry for the delay with this update, technical problems on this site had to take priority. There is an important and actually quite interesting transport survey, which if you want to take part has to be completed by 31 March. Click here to go there.

Happy Birthday – Or Not!

March 23, 9.15am

A year ago today the first lockdown was begun. Click the image for a short article, with a trip down Memory Lane in two pictures. Note that there is a problem – the computer keeps adding spaces on that page. This is a known issue and I will deal with it later today (if I manually delete all 93 of them it just puts them back, grrr!). The header image on this page has also been replaced, of The Priory from Tuckton.

6.30pm: Update. I have spent some time on that page, but have given up for now. Going to it fresh tomorrow might be better. So for now, sorry about the gaps!

9.15pm: I discovered that the Covid page had lost most of its content. That has now been restored. The layout of the whole site is now faulty, however, with space for a menu on the right. I will look at this tomorrow.

Getting Back to Normal

March 22, 6.15pm

Just a short update today, more tomorrow. Click here

In and Around Burton

March 21, 5.45pm

Just a hopefully interesting report on today’s expedition. All human and non-human life was there today. Click the image, which I have chosen to tempt you!

Yesterday’s Figures

March 20, 7.30am

Click the image to view the latest statistics. The full chart has also been updated with the new figures. Click here to view.

12 noon: It’s the first day of spring – but don’t put your clocks forward until next weekend. Click the image to read more.

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