What Next – Town Council?

I quote from the Bournemouth Echo, today. The full article is here: Click to read

“At a special meeting of Christchurch council on Tuesday, members will be asked for their views on the public consultation and financial analysis and to back a town council if it becomes necessary to have one.

The current mayor, Cllr Trish Jamieson told the Echo it was vital to keep the mayoralty alive.

“It is part and parcel of this ancient borough’s history and tradition and it would be an absolute tragedy if we did not have it.

“I have been very proud and privileged to hold the office of mayor and I hope I will many hundreds of successors, just as I have many hundreds of predecessors.”

The ruling Conservatives have voted on the next two mayors after Cllr Jamieson leaves office in May.

They are Cllr Nick Geary in 2017/2018 and Cllr Lesley Dedman in 2018/2019.”

This is another thing to consider about the reorganisation. Do read the full article and let us have your thoughts, below. Picture above is at the ceremony at Highcliffe Castle, 21 May 2013, on the installation of Cllr John Lofts as Mayor.

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