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NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) says about the Green Belt:

‘Local planning authorities with Green Belts in their area should establish Green Belt boundaries in their Local Plans which set the framework for Green Belt and settlement policy. Once established, Green Belt boundaries should only be altered in exceptional circumstances, through the preparation or review of the Local Plan. At that time, authorities should consider the Green Belt boundaries having regard to their intended permanence in the long term, so that they should be capable of enduring beyond the plan period.’

So once Greater Bournemouth becomes the Local Planning Authority it can immediately begin to review our Green Belt, de-classify it and build on it.


This leaflet dropped onto my doormat today. It is well worth reading. Just be careful – if (or preferably when) you vote NO, on the voting form NO is the lower box, not like the leaflet! Apologies for the scan quality, it’s to keep the file size down.

The actual voting form too has been scanned on this page.

Christchurch referendum - no



These items were posted on NextDoor this afternoon. Though you may have voted, I thought you should read them. I’ve not posted the actual names, though they are on Nextdoor.

At the time of the last attempt to merge us with Bournemouth I was a member of the Borough Council and the decision of which way to vote was less clear cut. WE SAID NO then and I have never regretted it. The facts set out in the leaflet make it very clear, we are still better off on our own! We will not gain anything by merging but will be worse off financially. We will still be the smallest partner in the deal and the lack of co-operation over, for instance, an outer relief road for Christchurch was lacking, while Weymouth were able to get theirs. We are debt free because of action taken at that time. It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to shape our own destiny. Bournemouth and Poole want this because they want our money. Don’t give it to them. JUST SAY NO!

Somerford resident

My greatest fear is that having far fewer councillors than Bournemouth and Poole, the needs of Christchurch residents will be at the very bottom. We are an ancient borough mentioned in the Domesday book with Norman history. Christchurch as we know it would then become a suburb of Bournemouth. No way!

Another Somerford Resident

Definitely no merger. We have money in the bank, we have history and we pay higher Council Tax. Our Council Tax will not be lowered and theirs will only increase over a period years. Basically little Christchurch will be subsidising the two big money wasting towns. They will take all our money and not increase our services, but I bet the Councillors running the merged group will get OBSCENE salaries, especially the leader. Remember, we will be paying him!!!!! SAY NO NOW!

Burton Resident

Most of the information here is taken from the Keep Christchurch Special Facebook site. if you have anything to add, place email Note that this Facebook site has no connection with, or the old (same site, different address).

There is also space for comments at the bottom.


The Secretary of State has said that he understands further steps are needed to secure local consent. That is why Christchurch Council is holding this referendum – to find out if there is local consent or not for Christchurch merging with Bournemouth and Poole.

The SoS has also said that he will consider any modifications or alternatives to the current proposal. Although Hampshire may not now be one of these, other options are still being investigated.




It’s very sad that some supporters of Future Dorset are frightening voters by saying that Christchurch can’t afford to pay for social services is we refuse the merger.

Our MP, Chris Chope, has condemned these tactics, pointing out that Christchurch Council does not provide schools or social care.

Whatever happens, services will still be provided by the top-tier Authority for the area, whether that is a Unitary Council or a County Council, AND MEDICAL SERVICES WILL BE UNAFFECTED BY ANY CHANGE.

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