The Galleon

It has been proposed that famous restaurateur Raymond Blanc is to take over The Galleon in Highcliffe. It has had an insecure time in the last couple of years, culminating in closure in spring last year.

The planning documents are here. The proposal is that it is to be renamed ‘The Oaks.’ Here is an image from the documents: notice the spelling mistake, bottom right!

Click for a larger image

This has had some support from local people involved with Highcliffe. For example, the Chairman of the Highcliffe Food Festival said, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity to bring someone of … calibre to the village. … it is a boost for the food festival and hopefully they will want to be involved.’ Jane Dean, communications officer for the Highcliffe Action Team, said, ‘… it will be lovely to enjoy a little taste of France in our corner of the world.’

There is no suggested opening date yet. Comments can be made on the signage until February 1.

Raymond Blanc at the opening of his restaurant at the Highcliff Marriott in Bournemouth