Thanks to Michael Wright, who responded to Wednesday’s news (25 March) about the possibility of a referendum about this merger. What do you think? One of his two comments below about the Echo article. If you have an opinion, hurry, just days to go. Add your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

One of Michael’s comments:
What a disgracefully misleading intro. “Destroy the ancient borough”? The proposal is simply to disband nine councils (including Christchurch) and replace them with two. Much more efficient. I haven’t seen anything that talks about towns being destroyed. How will Christchurch no longer be Christchurch just because it gets council services from a different council?

No comments yet, so in the interests of balance here is one copied from The Echo:

Markelkins’ Comment:
Are you sure that Unitary authorities are the best way to provide local services? Surely it would be a better model to have individual Borough Councils but with say the collection of rates done at County Level along with a number of other services such as Street lighting, road maintenance etc also done at County Level. Thus the local electorate would get a Borough Council which was accountable only for the local area as opposed to giant Unitary authorities covering a huge area where the local voice would be lost when up against such a giant machine. I can quite understand why many in Christchurch take fright at the thought of being controlled by the expansionist Bournemouth mindset that appears intent on cramming more and more into an already overheated area. As someone else points out here this would result in area perhaps resembling Croydon as opposed to part of Dorset. Why is it not understood that stability does not have to equate to stagnation. The way it is going in Bournemouth one might as well live in the some high density up tight place like London. Christchurch is more like Dorset but Bournemouth probably should be chucked out and sent back to Hampshire where it probably has more in common with crap towns like Southampton and Basingstoke the way things are going. There just appears to some morbid assumption with Bournemouth Councillors who think cramming in more is just so great. For example the Wessex Way hospital spur road along with loads of commercial development on green land. The hospital is a crap building in a crap location by the way.


2 thoughts on “Referendum?”

  1. Don’t unify your council with another, I live on the Isle of Wight we got rid of our borough councils and it was the worst thing. There has been a decline. I would not vote for a Unitarian authority.

  2. I live on the Isle of Wight I plead with you to consider the situation here after our local councils were unified it was never the same. It looks an attractive option to save money but the shine disappeared eg Sandown, Shanklin have become sad places. Ryde town hall is in a terrible state where it had once had regular maintenance. There are no overlap of services but life is not as good now. To save a few pounds cost in the end. Please consider this vote. I have nothing to gain by warning you straight from experience.

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