On the front page of yesterday’s Christchurch Times (Jan 9, 2020) was the following heading:

Factory site flats are in line for council backing

The aim is to move REIDSteel, a major employer in the area, to a larger, purpose-built facility. BCP Council has been recommended to approve the planning application. Simon Boyd, the managing director, said,

We can’t expand any more on the site and some of the buildings date back to the 1950s. Our new facility will see an increase in productivity by 100% instantly. It will be bigger, more efficiently-shaped and much more environmentally friendly.

See two images of the current site below, click for a lightly larger version:

ReidSteel now

The is from their website (link above): ‘REIDsteel have a worldwide reputation for excellence in the custom design, engineering, fabrication and erection of a wide variety of pre-engineered steel frame buildings and structures. ‘

You can see the planning application here.

The intention is to build 167 houses and flats. There are quite a lot of objections, so I will leave you to read them if you wish!

Here is an impression of what they may look like, taken from the Echo:

Update, 16 January – Permission granted

In today’s printed Echo it was announced that the plans have been approved. REIDSteel will move to a new site near Bournemouth airport. This will be part-funded by the sale of this site. There were protestations from four Councillors, including Peter Hall and Ann Stribley, that there would be no affordable housing on the site. However, their proposal to refuse was defeated by four votes to eleven.