The Ducking Stool

13 July 2020

Now the windows are in.

2 July 2020

It looks much better now. They’re working hard.

6 June 2020 – Progress, at Last

This was the scene yesterday. As you can see, the conversion is under way. I glanced in through the door as I passed, and it was gutted, full of rubble. Check out the full details of this below.

25 April 2019 – Conversion Planned

You may remember the old Ducking Stool restaurant, just off Milhams Street. The header picture at the top shows the view from there.

It will be converted into a house.

Click for a larger image

A plan has been approved by the Council for: Substantive demolition of existing building with retention of the existing westerly facing walls to form a single dwellinghouse.

The details are here. Click on View Documents to see the relevant information. There are a lot of them!

Here is what the building should look like:

Click to get a larger version