Coffee #1

You may remember that in July last year planning permission had been refused for the old ‘Shoe Zone’ shop to become another branch of Coffee #1. Here is the fairly lengthy report on this website, and in The Echo.

Shoe Zone in July 2018

Today in The Echo it is reported that permission has now been granted after an appeal. I will keep the page updated as things happen. I have been unable to find any formal documentation so far, and note that in the absence of a wide picture, the header image is from StreetView’

17 June  – It’s Famous!

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You probably know that Coffee#1 has finally been granted permission to open in the old Shoe Zone shop on the High Street. Well, today it made the national press! The Mail online published a lengthy article, beginning, ‘A coastal town is in uproar today after it was revealed yet another coffee shop will open this year – the 15th along its 550-yard high street.’

There are some interesting statements in the article, such as Christchurch having 80% pensioners. I know the figure is high, but I didn’t think it was as many as that!

Some of the comments at the end of the article are interesting. Here are just two, including one from the antipodes:

‘There must be a market for more coffee shops if someone is investing in a new one.’

‘This phenomenon of Coffee Shops springing up like mushrooms everywhere is no different to what is happening here in my Island of Tasmania, Hobart (Australia) I asked one of these owners why so many Coffee Shops these days?… and he answered, It’s the only small business we can make any money from …’

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