Christchurch Retail Park

It was reported in the Christchurch Times (24 October 2019) that Lidl has applied to take over part of the Homebase store on Barrack Road, subject to approval by the Council. The building will be divided in to two, with Lidl occupying around a third of the space.

Here is the statement submitted with the planning application:

‘It is proposed to reconfigure and extend Unit 1 to create two units with Homebase downsizing and occupying unit 1b and Lidl occupying unit 1a.’

Homebase’s floor space would go from around 6000m2 to 3600m2, with Lidl taking over the rest. This would be its second store in the town, the other being on Somerford Road.

! was concerned about transport, with the roundabout being normally very busy. However, all seem to have been considered. See the complete traffic survey (pdf, opens in a new window).

This is the plan of the proposed development. Click for a larger image.,

Here is a direct link to the submitted application.

The store half an hour before opening on Sunday morning