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This saga has been going on since December 2015, when the nursing home finally closed its doors. This is a picture from that time. Click it for the original Echo article.

Pinebeach in 2015
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Since then it has been a source of some annoyance and frustration for local residents. The general intent is to demolish it and build flats. After much debate and submissions of plans, two years later in December 2017 permission in once again refused. I quote from the planners’ report: ‘While reasonably localised in its extent, the effect of the scheme would be to diminish unacceptably the character and appearance of the surrounding area.’ Click for the original article.

However, in the time since closure there have been issues of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, and in July 2018 there was even a public meeting of local residents. Here is a picture taken in November 2018, and as you can see it looked a mess. I doubt that the wire barriers would keep a determined vandal away!

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There have also been complaints about storage of various industrial vehicles, cement mixers, and so on. Here is a picture taken taken today, 21 December. I’m not sure what is happening, but it is certainly busy!

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Here is an article in today’s Echo. It is listed in Christchurch BC planning documents, one of the elevations is reproduced below:

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The complete planning documents are here, with other views. To find previous ones, do a search on the Christchurch BC planning page. Unfortunately it is not possible to do a direct link. Searching in the lower section (Search by address) on this page for the word Pinebeach finds it.

Finally, a link to all the relevant documentation for this latest application, and a chance to make comments until January 10.

December 26 – Supplementary to the above, here is a letter, copies of which are outside one of the residents’ homes. The revised proposal could be quite significant in terns of the locality. Please read and take action if you think it appropriate.

See the letter here (pdf).