Avon Beach Development

19 February 2018

They’ve been working hard! The development here is obviously a massive project, as you can see from the outline and schedule in the first picture below. The header picture shows the view along the beach, with the promenade closed. It should all be finished by the end of March. In each case, click for a full-size version (2100x1500px, around 700K).

Avon Beach Development Schedule

Poster showing the plan. Click for a clearer version.

They are working along the length of the development. Below is the view from the shop.

Avon Beach Development

View from the shop entrance

A better view of both of the machines, working in glorious harmony:

Avon Beach Development

Moving the sand

This is the other end of the works, just before you get to the end – or the beginning, when you’re coming from the other direction! You can see something of the foundations, if you click and look at the larger picture.

Avon Beach Development

Working at the other end, facing towards the east

25 January 2018

Well, the work has begun. Thursday morning was fine and sunny and there were lots of people and dogs on the beach. As you can see from the video, the promenade is closed, though you can still walk along the beach parallel to it.

Avon Beach, Christchurch

Click to watch the video – opens in a new window

Approaching through the car park, the beach huts have been placed in hibernation, sometimes watched over by a very large lorry. As usual, click the images for a full size version.

Avon Beach January 2018

Still busy on a sunny day!

Avon Beach January 2018

You can still relax, perhaps with a snack

As the driver of an ordinary little Ford car, it had been impressive to see the same lorry being reversed just by the bookshop and the Noisy Lobster. Take my word for it, it was extremely tight!

Avon Beach January 2018


The work on the promenade should be finished by March 25, followed by the replacement of the beach huts during the following week.

There is an article in the Bournemouth Echo here.

10th January 2018

On Monday, January 22, the work to raise the promenade at Avon Beach will begin. The lower promenade is to be raised by around 90cm, and it will also be widened. It should be completed by the Easter Bank Holiday (30 March).

The work is taking place to protect the coastline. Although the cost is now considerably more than the original estimate of £300,000, Cllr Margaret Phipps said, “It’s imperative that we do all we can to protect our distinctive coastline in Christchurch. We are proud of our council’s ongoing coastal protection programme and I look forward to seeing these works completed.”

This week the beach huts are being removed. Although that section of the promenade has had to be closed, it is still possible to get through by using the beach, though it does now require a minor scramble! Click the pictures below for a larger version.

There is an Echo article here.

Avon Beach, Mudeford

Avon Beach, Mudeford