(2a) December 2018

2 December

Christmas is Coming!

This morning it was a pleasure to see the garden on the corner of Edward and Somerford Road. I was uncertain whether Robert would have had time to make any change, but there it is, and it looks fantastic.

A general view. There is more on the other side of the house.
Click the picture to get a large version.
Even AFC Bournemouth are wearing Christmas hats
Click the picture to get a large version.

3 December

Byron Road – The Famous Lights

Unfortunately an urgent appointment (Liverpool 1, Everton 0, hooray!) meant that I couldn’t attend the opening yesterday, This evening, however, the lights were shining as brightly as ever. Click one of the four images below to see a larger version. Full size (bottom right on each one) makes it even bigger.

It was interesting to see people in the gardens to get a better view, and children even dancing with Santa or the snowmen. Naturally, this is at the visitors’ risk, as the sign below shows.

As a postscript, I did feel rather sorry for the other side of the road, so here is a picture of one of the houses. It is obviously difficult for them to compete, as they are not in a terrace.

Byron Road Christmas lights

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6 December

Sir Christopher Chope

Comments and letters to today’s Christchurch times are below. Interesting …


In the Christchurch Times:

I’m writing regarding the actions of Christchurch’s MP Sir Christopher Chope.

Please for the sake of every woman’s sanity, de-select Mr Chope, or call for him to stand down. The legacy of his ‘glittering’ career will be a backward and intrusive voting record, of which his objection to FGM is the crowning glory.

Mr Chope clearly revels in controversy and the attention it brings to him. What an opportunity for local women to come together and demand for different representation [sic]. Get rid of this relic.

Kate Berisford, Chichester


[About the Christchurch referendum] … Christchurch residents were misled by their MP, Christopher Chope, who suggested they could overturn the rule of Parliament.

He encouraged them to take leave to appeal, which failed with costs in order of £120,000.

This money could have been better spent on maintaining and imnproving amenities throughout the borough.

Pat Talbot, Broadstone


On the back page was another of their famous informal surveys.

‘He could, perhaps, have relaxed his principles on this particular issue [FGM]. These young girls who are mutilated, it’s not fair on them and it would be better to stop it. But he’s quite right in that these issues ought to be discussed.

I don’t always agree with him, but he does care – even if he does open his mouth at the wrong times, he still acts in constituents’ interests,’

Colin Wakefield, Christchurch


‘It’s the way they present the bills. If they don’t present them properly, he objects. It’s fair enough.’

Brian Preston


‘Not impressed … he’s got his own agenda and doesn’t listen to other people’s opinions. Female genital mutilation is a very important issue. He’s had a good run, but is past his sell-by date.’

Marian Norden


‘He’s ineffective. MPs should work for us, and he works for himself. I don’t rate him.

He’s been better about representing people’s views about Brexit. I didn’t always agree with him as I wanted to stay. But he has his own views and I respect the man for that.’

Geoff Williams


‘I think he should shut up, quite honestly. I wouldn’t vote for him if you paid me.’

Maggie Searle


As you can see, there is a mixed range of views.

Here is Sir Christopher opening Highcliffe Post Office on 10 November 2017.

Sir Christopher Chope
Click for a larger version

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9 December

When the Whole Wide World is Fast Asleep

Today, Sunday, I was surprised to see the ladies and gentlemen working hard in several places on the Highcliffe environment, and it was only around 8am. Well done to them, doing their bit for the cause of Highcliffe and Walkford in Bloom.

It’s all happening at Highcliffe Tesco!

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12 December

What is Happening?

Today I was quite surprised to see tree surgeons at work on the Somerford roundabout. At first I thought they we perhaps just going minor work, but in fact one of the trees has almost been cut down. Does anyone know what is happening? There is no reference in the planning departments, roads and highways, or the Bournemouth Echo.

Somerford roundabout, Christchurch
Click for a larger version

Update, 16 December

A better view, from the footbridge.

Click for a larger picture

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16 December

A Garden is a Lovesome Thing …

You won’t be surprised to know that Robert has still been working hard, and it was great to meet him this morning. The work until Christmas has continued apace, and it looks as good as ever (I can’t stay ‘better than,’ as it was brilliant before). The original article in The Echo came as a bit of a surprise, as he told me that his son had contacted the Echo about all this and he had a phone call from out of the blue!

Naturally, it is popular with local children, who pass it on their way to school. The Christmas variation is ‘Peppa Pig,’ and as you can see from the pictures below, that porcine friend is already on fine display, Click each one for a larger version, click Full Size in the bottom right corner of the gallery to get the original.

Here now is a picture of the Dalek display at night. The home page header is of another part of the same display.

Click for a larger image

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December 20

A Highcliffe Christmas Video

An item about this appeared on the back page of today’s Christchurch Times. Here is a quote from the article:

‘It took a lot of time and effort to create this video, but it was great fun. Everyone gave up their time and services voluntarily and the photographer who shot the video, Matt Fochs of Southsnap Media, has the patience of a saint.’

Have a look for yourselves. It is great fun.

The Diamond Divas at Sainsbury’s

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24 December

Christmas Eve

Despite all the newspaper articles about unseemly aggression and fighting for turkeys in stores and packed shops, Christchurch today was very civilised. The weather was dull and dreary, but many were smiling and there was even an accordionist playing and singing carols in Saxon Square. Click each of the pictures for a larger version.


Of course, all that is not the real meaning of Christmas. The Priory looked beautiful and preparation was under way for the morning service.

Christchurch Priory at Christmas
Click for a larger version

Finally, a closer version of the beautiful nativity scene. A happy Christmas to you all.

Christchurch Priory at Christmas
Click for a larger version

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25 December

Just One Picture:

A few hardy souls on Christmas Day

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