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Highcliffe Castle


For information, the previous two meetings of the Scrutiny and Policy Overview Committee are shown below. The next meeting to do with this consultation will be listed as soon as it is available.

Here is the Echo report on the Scrutiny and Overview Committee Meeting on Monday, 16 January.

Finally, a link to the Calendar of Meetings
IMPORTANT: Note that the Calendar shows all meetings of the Council, not just those relating to the consultation/merger. Relevant ones will be detailed above, but please check the agenda before attending any meeting! The Wednesday and Thursday meetings this week are not relevant to the reorganisation.

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One thought on “Next Event”

  1. This is what the website says about the urban council that Christchurch would get its services from:
    •A 21st century City by the Sea
    •Growth in digital and knowledge based economies
    •Nationally significant arts and culture
    •Housing that supports growth and meets local needs
    •Improved transport with London and the south east
    •Modern public service delivery
    •Investment in skills and cutting-edge research and development.

    Personally, I like the sound of it. There is more info here:

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