New Highcliffe Flats

Flats in Highcliffe

As you may know, there has been some consternation about the proposed demolition of the G&Ts building, to be replaced by flats.

As you can see from the Echo pictures, it is not a building of great architectural merit. It is proposed that the new building would have flats above, and a shop beneath – wouldn’t it be great if that was a re-homed G&Ts!

As I live near there, I was delighted to see workmen planting the forefront of the near-completed flats and shops on Lymington Road. The flats do actually look rather good.

Here is what was demolished, the old Tudor House Antiques shop:

Tudor House Antiques

As you can see, though the canopies and the porch look good, it’s really just a ’60s box.

Here is what is in its place:

New flats on Lymington Road

Obviously it is bigger, but it is smart, and by the spring the garden area at the front should look great! As with the proposal for the G&Ts building, there are flats above, and two shops underneath.