Premier Inn, Highcliffe

As reported in the printed Christchurch Times, 21 February 2019, a plans have been submitted to the Council for a ‘3 storey, 18 bedroom hotel extension and associated works.’ This application can be viewed here.

There would be a link from the new to the existing building, and its capacity would increase to 79 bedrooms. Sadly, there would be a loss of one parking space, reducing the capacity to a mere 100!

Click the images to see the site plan. The extension is indicated at the bottom of the plan. As you can see, it is unlikely to be intrusive,

Click for the pdf

To see what it will look like, the elevations are here. Also a pdf, opening in a new window. Finally, a photograph of the site, at the back of the building.

As you may understand, I am quite in favour of this, as the accommodation is definitely needed in Highclliffe. In the last year I have met three people who couldn’t find anywhere to stay! Remember, too, that The Rothesay will be closing. That page is here.