Council Elections 2019

It’s All Over

I can do no better than starting with a quote from The Echo, which sums up local feeling:

One woman emerged from casting her ballot to berate the Conservative candidate in a vitriolic, finger-wagging tirade: “I’d like to thank you for selling the borough out,” she said. “Eighty four per cent of us voted against the merger but you and others supported it. You are a disgrace and that’s why you are not getting our vote.”

Here are the local (Christchurch) results. First, a clear map of the area, taken from the BCP website:

Click for a much larger image, which opens in a new window

There is a full key on the same site.

Here is a list of the results for each of the old Christchurch Wards and in the very local area. The number on the left relates to the map, above. I have gone from east to west, then north:

16. Highcliffe & Walkford

  • Nigel Brooks, Independent, 1,792, elected
  • Nick Geary, Independent, 1,617, elected
  • Trish Jamieson, Conservative, 1,192
  • Colin Jamieson, Conservative, 1,017
  • Lily Cox, Liberal Democrat, 379
  • Lucy Harris, Liberal Democrat, 351
  • Kathryn Boniface, Labour, 297
  • Roger Boniface, Labour, 266

20. Mudeford, Stanpit & West Highcliffe

  • Lesley Dedman, Independent, 1,827, elected
  • Paul Hilliard, Independent, 1,722, elected
  • Claire Bath, Conservative, 1,168
  • Ray Nottage, Conservative, 873
  • Fiona Cox, Liberal Democrat, 377
  • Keith Harrison, Liberal Democrat, 333
  • Gillian Hope, Labour, 244
  • William Deans, Labour, 241

14. East Southbourne & Tuckton

  • Eddie Coope, Conservative, 1,659, elected
  • Malcolm Davies, Conservative, 1,464, elected
  • Jane Bull, Green Party, 658
  • Jon Nicholas, Liberal Democrat, 597
  • Toni Colledge, Labour, 356
  • David Ruffer, Liberal Democrat, 331
  • Alan Davidson, Labour, 245

18. Littledown & Iford

  • Lawrence Williams, Conservative, 1,182, elected
  • Bobbie Dove, Conservative, 1,156, elected
  • Catherine Bishop, Liberal Democrats, 556
  • David Ball, Green Party, 552
  • Pauline Haynes, Labour, 372
  • Bill Brandwood, Labour, 326
  • Muiruri  Coyne, Liberal Democrat, 312

11. Commons

  • Colin Bungey, Independent, 1,623, elected
  • Margaret Phipps, Independent, 1,567, elected
  • Jim Biggin, 469
  • Carol Gardiner, Liberal Democrat, 458
  • Victoria Hallam, Conservative. 438
  • Lisle Smith, Conservative, 403
  • Fenella Vick, Liberal Democrat, 394
  • Peter Stokes, Labour, 223
  • Antoinette Pearce, Labour, 208

10. Christchurch Town

  • Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat, 891, elected
  • Peter Hall, Conservative, 851, elected
  • Michael Tarling, Liberal Democrat, 850
  • Peter Watson-Lee, Conservative, 716
  • Fred Neale, Independent, 668
  • Lindy Stuart-Clark, Independent, 625
  • Steve Docherty, Green Party, 386
  • Robert Hope, Labour, 348
  • David Munnik, Labour, 279

7. Burton & Grange

  • David Flagg, Independent, 1,196, elected
  • Simon McCormack, Independent, 1,053, elected
  • Claire Wade, Labour, 525
  • Andrew Dunne, Labour, 420
  • Wendy Grace, Conservative, 363
  • Brian Case, Conservative, 358
  • Benjamin Pantling, Green Party, 187
  • Robert Dawson, Liberal Democrat, 146
  • Frederick Worthy, Liberal Democrat, 125

There are also the following neighbourhood Councils:

Friars Cliff Ward of Christchurch Town Council

  • Lesley Dedman, Independent, 896, elected
  • Paul Hilliard, 770, elected
  • Claire Bath, 497
  • Rob Ward, 75

Grange Ward of Christchurch Town Council

  • Simon McCormack, Independent, 596, elected
  • Janet Abbott, Independent, 582, elected
  • David Jones, Independent, 577, elected
  • Frederick Worthy, Liberal Democrat, 190

Jumpers & St Catherine’s Ward of Christchurch Town Council

  • Colin Bungey, Independent, 1905, elected
  • Fred Neale, Independent, 1483, elected
  • Sue Spittle, 1145, elected
  • Sue Fotheringham, 1012, elected
  • Fiona Cox, Liberal Democrat,  900, elected
  • Carol Gardiner, Liberal Democrat, 893, elected
  • Fenella Vick, Liberal Democrat, 826
  • Tavis Fox, 718
  • Ray Thomas, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 621

Mudeford & Stanpit Ward of Christchurch Town Council

  • Gillian Jarvis,  Independent, 603, elected
  • Grace Polson, Independent, 575, elected
  • Bernie Davis, 382
  • Keith Harrison, Liberal Democrat, 245

Priory Ward of Christchurch Town Council

  • Avril Coulton, Independent, 1090, elected
  • Sue Bungey, Independent, 1078, elected
  • Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat, 1066, elected
  • Michael Tarling, Liberal Democrat, 1059, elected
  • Wendy Grace, Keeping Christchurch Special, 986, elected
  • Tom Lane, Independent, 895, elected
  • Stuart Tizzard, Keep Christchurch Special, 871
  • Peter Hall, 796
  • Christopher Guest, Independent, 696
  • Trish Hansen, Fresh Ideas For A Positive Future, 635
  • Christopher Van Hagen, Keep £1 For Two Hours Parking, 509
  • Lindsay Turner, 118

Highcliffe and Walkford Neighbourhood Council

  • Nigel Brooks, Independent, 1,093, elected
  • Bob Hutchings, Zig-Zag Fighter, 939, elected
  • Andy Martin, Independent, 782, elected
  • Tina Butcher, Independent, 300
  • Francesca Charlesworth, Independent, 257

30 April – All’s Fair in Love and War?

Today I was out and about in Highcliffe and saw one of the Conservative candidates, blue rosette proudly displayed, canvassing. So I approached her and asked if I could have a leaflet. (She will remain anonymous.)

(Me): “Hello. Could I have one of those.”
(Lady candidate): “No, I know who you are and what you will do with it.”
“I won’t throw it away, I am publishing them all on my website.”
“No, you’ll just give it to XXXXX (rudely naming an opponent).”

As you know, I publish everything without comment or indication of how I might vote.

However, guess which Party I will not now be voting for!

UPDATE – Scroll down for the list of candidates. These are links to information and handouts about them. They will open in a new window.

If you have any information about them please send it to  It is intended for publicly available material only, rather than online debate about the merits – or otherwise! – of particular candidates.

As you no doubt know, these are taking place on Thursday, May 2. Few seem to be aware of the candidates, or the issues they support, however, so as I get it I will publish it on here. These elections take place next Thursday, May 2.

Here is some information from the County: ‘It is the responsibility of each individual candidate to provide information and/or documentation to the electorate. The Council does not have or send out this information. There is no single source of candidate information, so you should visit candidate websites, party websites, or write to the party.’

Surprisingly, I have been unable to find a labelled map of the various wards – even on the BCP website – but for now here is an outline of their boundaries. You can probably guess which ones are relevant to Christchurch. Click the map to get a bigger version, which will open in a new window.

Here is a link to an Echo article about these elections, showing the candidates for the whole Borough. The relevant Christchurch candidates are listed below. If I have missed a Christchurch ward, please let me know at

Burton and Grange

  • Brian Case (Conservative)
  • Robert Dawson (Lib Dem)
  • Andrew Dunne (Labour)
  • David Flagg (Independent)
  • Wendy Grace (Conservative)
  • Simon McCormack (Independent)
  • Benjamin Pantling (Green)
  • Claire Wade (Labour)
  • Frederick Worthy (Lib Dem)


Christchurch Town

  • Mike Cox (Lib Dem)
  • Steve Docherty (Green)
  • Peter Hall (Conservative)
  • Robert Hope (Labour)
  • David Munnik (Labour)
  • Fred Neale (Independent)
  • Lindy Stuart-Clark (Independent)
  • Michael Tarling (Lib Dem)
  • Peter Watson-Lee (Conservative) Read some literature here



  • Jim Biggin
  • Colin Bungey (Independent)
  • Carol Gardiner (Lib Dem)
  • Victoria Hallam (Conservative)
  • Antoinette Pearce (Labour)
  • Margaret Phipps (Independent)
  • Lisle Smith (Conservative)
  • Peter Stokes (Labour)
  • Fenella Vick (Lib Dem)


Highcliffe and Walkford

  • Kathryn Boniface (Labour)
  • Roger Boniface (Labour)
  • Nigel Brooks (Independent) Read about him here
  • Lily Cox (Lib Dem)
  • Nick Geary (Independent) Read about him here
  • Lucy Harris (Lib Dem)
  • Colin Jamieson (Conservative)
  • Trish Jamieson (Conservative)


Mudeford, Stanpit and West Highcliffe

  • Claire Bath (Conservative)
  • Fiona Cox (Lib Dem)
  • William Deans (Labour)
  • Lesley Dedman (Independent) Read about her here
  • Keith Harrison (Lib Dem)
  • Paul Hilliard (Independent) Read about him here
  • Gillian Hope (Labour)
  • Ray Nottage (Conservative)

That is all for now. As soon as I have more information it will be published. If candidate information is available online a link will be added to the appropriate name. However, as you can see there are a lot of candidates, but I will try to scan and publish paper flyers and pamphlets, assuming I get any, of course!

If you are a candidate, or if you have information about candidates – even something through the door could be photographed or scanned – please send it to It is difficult to get other than the most rudimentary information.

It will be unbiased and all material will be published, unless it it abusive or fabricated, of course!

These are candidates for the BCP Council, not the Neighbourhood or Local ones. Click the image to view their excellent website, with information about the candidates and the local issues.

Here are the candidates for the various neighbourhood/town wards.

Click here to get the pdf file, opens in a new window.

Information about Grange Ward (Town Council)

Thanks to David Jones for sending this file about the elections in Grange.

There are three Independent candidates:

  • Janet Abbott
  • David Jones
  • SimonMcCormack

Click the image to read!