Colonnades and Cafe

From October 2017 – updates below each section from October 2019


October 2017

There are proposals to brick in the colonnades in Church Street, as they have been used for involvement in anti-social behaviour, drug use, and so on. The planning application has been approved, but there are arguments that it is a public right of way, so further scrutiny is going to take place.

There are two different pictures below, taken today. One criticism in the comments in the Echo article is that it would be dangerous because the path is so narrow. The first picture, however, shows that is is actually quite wide, and I even saw a double buggy going through! The second picture is not the best view, as workmen were undertaking a shop renovation, but you will get the idea.

Update October 16 2019

Not much has changed, thought here are still workmen there – different ones this time, unless the original ones were very slow! No development with the proposals.

October 2019
October 2019 – See header picture to see them in 2017


October 2017

There are proposals to demolish this and rebuild with two flats above. As you can see from the pictures below, it is not a building of great architectural merit, and the owner is looking to rebuild and keep it running with the same owners:

‘Mr Pugh [the owner] … has a great relationship with Steve and Cheryl Hart who run the cafe and has been discussing the scheme at length with them about putting the plans in. “They have been lovely people to have as tenants for the last 18 years or so and we’re very much looking forward to continuing this into the future,” he added.’

Read the full Echo article here.

October 2019

It’s gone! Nothing more to say.