Coronavirus – Information

Important – 28 October

First, a link which will let you to know what the restrictions are by putting in your postcode, or any postcode to find out the status if you are visiting. Click the image to go to the page, which will open in a new window. Note that I have cropped it in case you are tempted to try to type it in there!

So What Happens Next?

As you may know, there has been increasing concern about the number of cases nationally, and also in the BCP area. It is possible that the Council may move from Tier 1 to Tier 2. Here is an explanation of the meaning of these tiers -this opens in a new window.

Rather than explaining it all again as it affects our area, here is a direct link to an excellent page in the Bournemouth Echo published today (28 October).

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm an update will be broadcast from BCP at 5pm. Watch and find out more by clicking the image.

Covid-19 Speech, 13 October

Our local MP, Sir Christopher Chope, criticises the lack of government consultation prior to decision-making.

The full debate can be read on Hansard. Sir Christopher’s speech is at 4.44pm, and my transcription is also below.

(Sir Christopher Chope)
Mr Deputy Speaker, it’s a pleasure to follow the honourable lady, and I share very much her frustration, the impossibility of getting clear answers from the government on so many of these important questions. ‘Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.’ Those words from William Pitt were included in an email of one of my constituents, Mr Deputy Speaker, complaining about the way in which this government is treating the constituents in Christchurch and so many other people in this in this country.

So what is the necessity for what the government is bringing forward today? I asked on the 8th of October if the government would publish the evidence in support of the Secretary of State’s statement on the 1st of October that hundreds of thousands of deaths would follow if the government just let the virus rip. Mr Deputy Speaker, there has been no answer to that question, no attempt to answer it, and nor has there been any justification for the arbitrary introduction of a ten o’clock curfew.

(Intervention – Sir Edward Leigh)
Does he trust the prognosis of Professor Ferguson whose estimates have been proved wrong again and again and are wildly exaggerated?

(Sir Christopher Chope)
I don’t trust them at all. And I’m going to refer, Mr Deputy Speaker, to the evidence from Sweden, because the Prime Minister’s challenge to his critics was to put forward an alternative. And the Swedish approach is clear and simple. It is to trust the people and make them responsible for their own health and welfare. I looked at the figures for Sweden for the first week of October and there were only seven death recorded in Sweden over that period, and today not a single death recorded in Sweden. The Swedish public health agency recommends that household regulation and quarantine should exclude, and I quote,  ‘Those who have provisionally tested positive for Covid-19, or been confirmed to have antibodies in the last six months.

I put down a question asking why that category of people cannot be exempt from these regulations. Again, I haven’t had an answer to that question, although the time when it should have been answered has long past, Mr Speaker. This is intolerable, the arrogance in which the government is treating us as elected members of this place. Swedish common sense is to the fore. They have restricted gatherings not to six, but to fifty. They allow nursing homes to decide their own visiting policies. They regard the rules about face coverings as simplistic and irrelevant.

Again, on face coverings, I put down a Parliamentary question on the 25th of September whether the introduction of regulations requiring the use of face coverings was linked to an increase in the infection rate of Covid-19. It won’t have escaped your notice, Mr Deputy Speaker, that since those regulations were brought in, there has been an exponential increase in the infection rate in this country. Have I had an answer to that question? Of course not. Does we suggest that the government doesn’t even want to face up to that evidence that face coverings are counterproductive and are leading to a false sense of security?

In Sweden, two thirds of all deaths from Covid-19 have been in the over 80 age group, and that’s, I think, indicative of a similar situation here. And all the United Kingdom restrictions have so far, given the average member of this country, UK citizen, an extra half day of life and these new restrictions that are coming in, won’t even give that because the collateral damage which is being caused is going to actually reduce life expectancy

Speaking in the House Of Commons today