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  • The Battle’s Over: A Book by Sue Newman, a tribute to Christchurch Soldiers of World War 1
  • The Christchurch Courier: Spring 2019, the last edition from Christchurch Borough Council



These short videos are on YouTube, and will open in a new window. There were produced quickly, and are of basic quality produced by a novice operator! They are in reverse order, with the latest at the top. Note that the comments are not under my control, so apologies if some of them are rather strong!

January 2019: Sir Christopher Chope – Confidence Motion in the Commons

September 2018: TV Report on the Spur Road works

August 2018: Christchurch Carnival

August 2018: Stompin at the Quomps

July 2018: Opening of the Highcliffe Charity Fete

July 2018: Dancing at the Highcliffe Charity Fete

June 2018: Zumba outside Tesco in Highcliffe

June 2018: Anything Goes in Highcliffe!

June 2018: Carol Kirkwood presenting the weather from Mudeford

June 2018: Sir Christopher Chope on the upskirting row!

January 2018: Working on the promenade at Avon Beach

December 2017: Christmas at Castlepoint