Dorset NHS

This page is about changes to the NHS in Dorset. As you may know, all accident and emergency cases will now be centred at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Concern has been expressed about potential travel times from certain areas of Dorset to the RBH. In a letter by Tim Goodson (Chief Officer, NHS Dorset CCG) in the Christchurch Times  on 27 December 2018, he describes a 2017 report by the South Western Ambulance Services which says that the increased travel time would have impacted some patients negatively. He refutes this, going on to say that a review into those patients has shown that the outcomes would not have been changed.

It is all very complicated! Instead of writing it here, click the picture below for a link to the NHS website, which goes into considerable detail about what is envisaged for Dorset. It is an excellent site.

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