Chiropractic Clinic

Plans have been submitted to demolish this building and build – yes, you guessed it! – more flats.

Here are two quotes from the Christchurch Times:

‘Holton Homes initially sought permission for proposals to replace Christchurch Chiropractic Centre in Twynham Avene with a four-storey block of 11 flats in April last year. Planning officers are yet to reach a verdict on the scheme, which was met with a spate of objections from residents in the area near the town centre. However, the property firm has now put forward a smaller proposal for a three-storey building of seven flats.’

And here is a local objection, stimulating the revised proposal:

‘… several complaints have already been raised, including from a doctors’ surgery.

Faye Francombe, Stour Surgery’s practice manager, wrote: “There are also two other developments locally which will affect us, Christchurch Police Station and John Reid & Son which will see approximately 200 new dwellings. Stour Surgery is at maximum capacity, please advise what provisions are in place for the people who buy these properties.” [My bold]

The chiropractic clinic is understood to have been the former home of the inventor of the Bailey bridge, Sir Donald Bailey.’ 

The planning application is here. Here is a Christchurch Times article.

A current picture of the clinic is on the header, and the proposed elevations are below (click for a larger version).