Building Development

You may be familiar with the derelict office building next to the car wash, at 63, Somerford Road. It has been like that for some years, as you can see from the pictures below.

Somerford Road Christchurch

View from the road. Click for a larger image

Somerford road, Christchurch

View from the back. Click for a larger image

Somerford Road Christchurch

Finally, a picture after I sneaked inside!
Click for a larger image

Now, at last, it is to be developed. On the ground floor will be a vets and pet store, and above will be a gym. Bestminster Ltd had originally been granted permission for the animal facilities in September. Recently approval was also granted for the gym. For information, the plans are below.

The plans. Click to go to the council website to see the documentation.

Update, 4 March

Going, Going, Soon to be Gone.

This morning I passed the building and was surprised to see how much has been done. Unfortunately the wooden hoardings are priominent, and I could not get nearer, or climb them, for a better view. Ah well …

Click for a larger image