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Just in case you want to see even more about Brexit, this page will be online for a few weeks, certainly until April.

To begin, here is Sir Christopher Chope’s speech in the Motion of No Confidence debate in the Commons today, 16 January 2019. It is actually a very good speech. Hopefully you will forgive the flickery quality, but at least you will get the gist.

In the video, the Speaker begins by limiting speeches to five minutes, but this one actually  goes on for over seven. However, during the speech afterwards we are told that the Chamber clock is not working properly, so perhaps he has an excuse!

And now … Not specifically about Christchurch and environs, but I thought you might enjoy seeing Michael Gove’s speech at the end of the Confidence debate. It is excellent, so good that it is followed by much waving of order papers from the throng!

A Local Meeting

Well done to our local MP, Sir Christopher Chope, pictured right at the opening of Highcliffe Post Office in November 2017. Despite all the anger or tiredness, or even enthusiasm – depending on your point of view – about the ongoing Brexit situation, he bravely held a public meeting at West Parley Memorial Hall on Saturday, 12 January.

Sir Christopher said that, ‘No deal is the best way forward for the country and the only way to deliver a full Brexit.’ Bearing in mind the strength of feelings this meeting was quite a courageous thing to do, and though I was unable to attend, the sold-out event became boisterous, even aggressive at times!

I have printed three comments from the Echo below. As I write there are 171, and many of them are just rudely abusive, so I have been selective. You are welcome to read all of them using this link. You will see much of the bad feeling displayed there: much of it is not pleasant reading.

    • We attended this meeting this morning which was introduced as democracy at work in the Christchurch constituency. It soon became clear that democracy was the last thing on the mind of many attendees. Any views different to the Hard Brexit view were shouted down. It is the responsibility of the Chairman of a meeting to ensure that all views were given a proper hearing. This did not happen. We also noted that very few people under 50 years old were present who will be affected most by the outcomes of the Brexit discussions. Why not?
      It does not matter what views a person holds about Brexit, but we pride ourselves in being a democratic country where Freedom of Speech is paramount. This did not happen at this meeting. We were left none the wiser of actual facts about what will happen after Brexit. All we heard were personal opinions.
    • I was present at this meeting and was absolutely disgusted at the threatening behaviour made by some of those that were in attendance, If this is an example of those that are fervent Chope Followers I’m glad I’m not one of them.’
    • You must be living in cloud cuckoo land! Breaking an agreement that is legal and binding means that you have to pay penalties. If you contract to sell your house, the contract is binding – if you changed your mind when it’s a firm contract, you pay financial penalties. Fact.’

Christchurch Times, 31 January – Strong words from our MP

Christchurch MP Sir Christopher Chope claimed some members of the Cabinet had undermined the Conservative Party manifesto with treacherous comments on Brexit.

Sir Christopher asked the Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, if she would hold an early debate on collective Cabinet responsibility and its meaning in the current circumstances.

Andrea Leadsom

He said, ‘Will my right honourable friend undertake to lead that debate, so that she can explain to the House the frustration that we all feel at having the 2017 Conservative party manifesto, which she supported on the Today programme this week, undermined by treacherous comments from our own Cabinet colleagues?’

Ms Leadsom said the Cabinet was in absolute agreement that the referendum result would be delivered.


18 February: Boris Strikes Again!

As I was photographing the sign by the bus stop near Stony Lane, I was impressed with how much consternation and intrigue it had caused. Across the road a family of five, including youngsters, had even stopped to admire (?) and discuss it.

Boris Johnson Brexit sign

So what is it about?

According the The Echo, this, and others around the country, have been posted by a group called Led by Donkeys. Here is a more complete excerpt from Boris’s speech:

‘We are taking the machete of freedom to the brambles of EU regulation, and we are in the process of creating something immensely positive for both sides of the Channel, a new European partnership between a strong UK and a strong EU. Believe me, that’s what people of this great continent want to achieve.

‘In the words of our great prime minister, they understand that Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a titanic success of it.

(‘It sank,’ said former chancellor George Osborne, who was presenting Johnson with his award.)

‘Well, the Titantic exhibition in Northern Ireland is the single most popular attraction in the province. We are going to make a colossal success of Brexit.”

It is not just Boris – there are others from this group, of course. Another one is shown below, just click it to go to that page.

Click to get more information about this group.