Referendum Thoughts

pdated 30 March – The Proposed Referendum

The following two paragraphs are taken from an Echo article of the 22nd March.

“RESIDENTS of Christchurch will vote in a referendum on the future of the borough.

Councillors last night agreed to hold a poll in May on whether to remain a ‘sovereign’ authority or merge with Bournemouth and Poole.”

As it says, if this goes through it should take place in May, so it is not over yet. Do keep checking this website, and the comments, and you are welcome to make some contributions of your own.

This is a new page, specifically so you can express your opinions, as time is pressing. All points of view will be published, but please keep it polite and, ideally, short and snappy! A reminder that if you add links in your comment they are not published until they are approved. This is to avoid spam.

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Thanks to Phillip G C House for posting an interesting comment on that section. I have copied it here, to stimulate debate. Please feel free to reply  to this, using the form below.

The only reason B/mouth wants XChurch and Poole is to take control of the money making areas Stanpit and the beachfront and Sandbanks and Poole Harbour, B/mouth should concentrating on their eyesore called Boscombe they should be sorting that mess out first before trying to take control of areas that have lots £ signs. A third of the population of XChurch are of pension age and increasing, by 2030 it will be nearer 50%, XChurch ambulance service is being reduced again when it should be increased, there seems to be no one asking what about the health care in our areas, “Will there be less councillors?” is said to be one of the main Q & A’s. There will be less of a lot more than councillors there will be 100’s put out of work but there will be one big increase in council tax to pay for the redundancies and the cost of every thing changing. They say there will be a saving of £108 million in the first six years it will cost more than that to sort out all the changes needed and if you think the government will put any money into to help you are in cloud cuckoo land. One last thing I am Christchurch born and bred 6th generation and I am putting my real name to this so let us see some real names please or are you telling the name you are using is your real name.

2 thoughts on “Referendum Thoughts

  1. Had he won the referendum with a comfortable margin, we might have consoled ourselves by thinking that the country would be moving into a calmer period.

  2. This is a great comment to stimulate debate.

    If the figure about 50% of Xch residents being pension age by 2030 is correct then my goodness, there is your case for supporting change right there. Aside from the slightly off-topic comments about health and ambulance services, which aren’t funded or provided by local government as far as I know, the gap in funding for social care in Dorset is millions and millions of pounds NOW – let alone in over a decade’s time. I would prefer the future of those vital services are protected through reorganisation that saves money meaning more available for frontline services, than I would to keep Xch council.

    As Mr House says, I am sure that there will be fewer staff needed. Isn’t that where a large chunk of the savings comes from? If you look at the staff needed for all the councils now, there are bound to be fewer required for less councils. Costing less in wages. If you read the financial assessment, you will see that the cost of any redundancies is covered in the transition costs. There is a national limit on council tax so we can rest assured that our councils cannot force massive hikes on us.

    I hope that Xch council don’t agree to waste our money on a referendum. I am sure that they will, though, and I fear very much that the voting turnout will be dominated by those who, putting it frankly, are unlikely to be around to suffer the consequences if change does not go ahead.

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