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  • 19 June, 3pm: In case you haven’t seen it on yesterday’s BBC News:
    Sir Christopher Chope’s views on the up-skirting furore
  • 16 June, 8.15pm: Update about the Old Police Station // 7.30pm: Summer Concert (14 July) added to Coming Up. Popup created with reminder of two events on Sunday
  • 15 June, 2.30pm: Druitt Hall re-opening on June 27. See Coming Up for information
  • 14 June, 6pm: Walk added (28 June) to Coming Up // 1pm: See Coming Up for details of new events – Rolls Royces at Highcliffe Castle on Sunday, Priory Tower Tour on Wednesday // 7.15am: Full of sound and fury, signifying something? Echo report.
  • 13 June, 8.30pm:


    Seen on Lymington Road: Click to go to the Facebook site (good).

    7pm: Food Festivals – an addition, at the bottom of the page //
    6am: More merger issues in The Echo

  • 12 June 7.15am: Shadow Dorset Council inclusivity issues. Read The Echo

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