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Highcliffe actionTomorrow (Saturday) we will be hit by Storm Brian. Although the name might seem friendly, the Environment Agency has warned about rough seas. The Echo has also disappointingly advised you not to take your selfies too close! Click the picture taken in (Highcliffe, 2016) to see the Echo article.


  • 20 October, 12.30pm: Read the warning above.
  • 19 October, 6.45pm: Weather added to the top of this page. Sorry wind strength is in those nasty km/ph – will try to change it to good old mph! Note that you can click on it to get the forecast at the real site – that one is in mph, grrr!
  • 19 October, 8.15am: Another idea for the zig zag path. Echo article
  • 18 October, 6.15pm: Hoburne 5 page available. Last update today.
    McDonald’s page now complete, with more information.


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