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  • Thursday, 21 March – 12.30pm. Lunchtime organ concert. Christchurch Priory
  • Saturday, 23 March – 1pm-4.30pm. IMPORTANT: Men’s Prostate Test
    Osborne Road Community Centre, New Milton. Information also here
  • Monday, 25 March – 10am. Monday Morning Meander. Kinson Common

Programme of Monday Morning Meanders until April


  • 18 March, 7pm: Our new councillors on May 2? The Independent Group // 6.15pm: News about the oil rig on Oddments // 1.15pm: Another new header picture taken on a fruitless trip to Hengistbury Head to photograph the now-disappeared oil rig!
  • 17 March, 4.45pm: Great weather – Header picture of Avon Beach on this page.
  • 16 March, 3pm: Two interesting updates about the Grange School.
  • 15 March, 12.15pm: New development in Highcliffe. Don’t worry, it’s not flats!
  • 14 March, 9pm: Very interesting item in the Mail Online about Sir Christopher Chope’s speech in Parliament today. Worth reading the public comments at the bottom of that page. To read the speech, with pictures, go to the Brexit page. //  9.15am: Flyer about the very local elections happening soon. Click here for a refreshing break from Brexit! Note that others will be added when I have them, and a new section of this site created.

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