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Covid – 15 January

15 January, 6.30pm

A rather worrying update on the situation in the BCP area. Click the image to read more, and a link to another article.


14 January, 1.30pm

Yesterday’s picture has been re-done and a larger version published. There is an even bigger one on SmugMug. Click the little version on the left to view or download it (it opens in a new window). Remember, depending on the speed of your system the SmugMug picture may take some time to show properly, it is nearly 6Mb.

The original article from 13 January is here.

BCP – The Covid Situation

13 January, 11.30am

Read the important message below and then click it for more information about the position in the BCP area.

7pm: Beautiful afternoon in Highcliffe. Click the picture to view.


January 11, 4pm

Click the image to see today’s update, more flats nearing completion. Note that from now there will be several updates weekly, rather than a regular one daily. The pandemic is affecting so much of our lives, and it is now even restricting ThisIsChristchurch.com a little: there is not much happening locally to report! Keep checking, however, sometimes there will be a little which is, perhaps, worth reading!

Infection Results

January 10, 1.30pm

These are actually the figures from last Thursday. As you will see, there has been a very large increase in all three aspects – Cases per 100,000 / Case numbers / Cases in hospital. Click here to see the update.

6pm: Update about Flowers by Design. Click the crockery and scroll down.

Dull and Quiet

January 9, 3.45pm

Look at the Quomps today.

A New Shop

January 8, 3.30pm

One of the developments in Highcliffe is now at least partly in action.

The shop is obviously not yet open because of the lockdown, but the staff are definitely working hard, and I look forward to visiting when – happy day – all this ends!

Click the icon for more.

Cold and Quiet

January 7, 1.15pm

Despite the quiet and the frost, it was remarkably interesting in Christchurch this morning. Click the image to go to the update.

Lockdown Again

January 6, 1.30pm

Today is the first day of lockdown. This could be an arduous one, and will certainly last for some weeks. To see an update, with lots of information, click the rather depressing image below, taken this morning.

A Surprise

January 5, 4.30pm

Something new at the end of Ambury Lane.

Two Surprises

January 4, 4pm

Today I was pleased to see activity on a development on Lymington Road, and then Covid testing in full flow. Click the image.

And from yesterday – The new Lidl – updated

Well Done, Children

January 3, 4pm

I was very impressed this morning with yet another great display on the fence around Christchurch Junior School. It also provided a chance to chat to one of the teachers, about how school life was during the pandemic. Read the update.

The picture below is of some ducks. “Ducks are everywhere,” I hear you say disparagingly. Well, I was surprised when I had a proper look at this picture, taken on that misty, freezing new year morning. These are not just any ducks! Click for a larger image, back to return.

Coming Up, An Image

January 2, 12.30pm

A header image from yesterday has now been added to Coming Up. It is of a photographer taking a picture of Highcliffe Castle in the frost. Sadly, the castle looks to be leaning a little, as the header image has to be a particular size, and straightening it would have deleted the photographer!

6.30pm: The header image on Coming Up is now straighter and rather more dramatic, and the photographer is bigger! Smaller copy below.

Click for larger, back to return

It’s 2021

January 1, 2.30pm

There is still much to do on the site in the new year, but at least the January page has been started. It was beautiful in Mudeford this morning. Click the image below to go there.

3.45pm: SmugMug pictures added (new window)

4.30pm: Oddments index updated

End of the Year

December 31, 5.15pm

Today is the first day of BCP being put into Tier 4. Non-essential shops are closed again, and life is quieter, if not always calmer. Tomorrow’s update will be the first of 2021 – and the first on this site when the UK is not a member of the EU, which concludes at 11pm tonight (we had actually left in January). Click Saxon Square to go to today’s update.

7pm: Postscript for the year. A happier video, taken this morning, of some gulls enjoying fine dining on the grass outside Waitrose. Sadly I was using a wide lens, taken for the still photos of closed Christchurch, and it has focused on the grass. An amateur mistake, but you get the idea! You may also remember the earlier one, taken at the same spot.

To the Future

December 30, 12.30pm

Coming Up has been prepared for the new year, ready for the events to be added. Hopefully, now that another vaccine has been developed, there will soon be lots of them. In case you were going to check to see what was happening in Christchurch today or tomorrow, I can give the the answer: No special events!

This page also looks to the past. As it is not yet 2021 I obviously have no picture for that year, so the header image is from January 1, 2014, as is the picture on the left, of the now-demolished Tudor House Antiques in Highcliffe. Click it, or use the menu, to have a look at the calendar.

6.30pm: We are now in Tier 4. Read more.

Worrying Trend

December 29, 3.45pm

Today the most recent results for the Coronavirus situation in the BCP area were published. As is sadly all too common, the case numbers are increasing enormously. So even more now it is important to remember hands-face-space: the national figures are already higher than at the springtime peak.

Click the thumbnail to read a little more and get a proper view of the chart (and previous ones).

5pm: Thanks so much to Neil, for sending information about the event. It is now included on the page, with two interesting links.

Wrong Lens!

December 28, 5.45pm

At lunchtime I wandered down to the beach at Highcliffe, just for the exercise. However, there was some frustration on arrival, because the scene was fantastic, sparking waves and more surfers than you could shake a stick at! I was going to return for my longer lens, but instead made do with the one I had with me. Good job – if I had returned I would not have got back to the beach before the rain started pouring. Getting home was rather arduous, it was a matter of getting through the throng of surfers going down the steps! It was socially-distanced, by the way. Click the image below to go to the update.

The header image has also been replaced, as Santa is now resting and preparing for next year. If you want to see that update, click.

Another keen photographer

After the Storm

December 27, 1.15pm

Despite the disruption across the country caused by Storm Bella, as I write it is brilliantly sunny outside. Click here to see the update.

The video from yesterday is also live now. See below to view it, or click here. This shows bigger, and opens in a new window.

Boxing Day

December 26, 5pm

There is now a picture of the blue plaque on The George Inn (or Ye Olde George Inn if you prefer). Sadly I have not been able to find anything about the prison yet! Santa is still out today, enjoying a well-earned rest. See the video.

Dull but Important

December 25, 6.30pm

Better late than never! The bus and train timings for the remainder of the Christmas and New Year holiday are now available on the page which you can view by clicking the (artistic) image of Christchurch station below. The link is also available at the top of the home page.

Topic Complete

December 24, 3pm

Not a massive update, but a picture of Ye Olde George Inn has been taken and added at the bottom of yesterday’s article. The blue plaque text has also been included. Very interesting, I must now investigate Christchurch Prison!

Two Covid Consequences

December 23, 2.15pm

You may have been looking forward to the Priory Carols in the Car Park due to take place today.

Well, you may think it is too late, you have missed it, but sadly it had to be cancelled. Similarly with the oldest pub in Christchurch, Ye Olde George Inn.

Click the picture to read more.

Contact Form

December 22, 1.45pm

Rather a dull item, but nonetheless important. The contact page has been updated, so that you no longer have to provide your email address (though you can if you wish). The page has also been added at the end of the main menu at the top of the screen.

6.30pm: Sailing Santas page now complete.

7.30pm: New information added to the Sailing Santas page, at the bottom.
8.45pm: Video added to the page.

More of the Santas

December 21, 7.15pm

As there has been rather a paucity of events this year, I am creating a page about these intrepid sailors. The event section has obviously been suffering because of the enforced covid isolation. Click the picture below to view the page.

There are also three new pictures at the end of the SmugMug page.

A Profusion of Santas

20 December, 5.15pm

It was good to see the sunshine in Christchurch this morning. What I didn’t expect to see were lots of sailor-Santas! Click the image to see the update. The header image has also been changed to reflect the occasion.


19 December, 5.45pm

With the new, more virulent strain of the virus it has obviously been necessary to restrict the seasonal ‘freedom’ to just Christmas Day. To cheer you up, therefore, I have changed the header image on this page to Christmas Day sea bathing last Christmas. Little did we know then …

Not Good News

18 December, 6.45pm

Click the image below, taken this morning above a windy, wet beachfront in Mudeford, to see the latest rather worrying information about the covid situation in BCP.

Remember too that parking is free in Highcliffe and Southbourne tomorrow from midday-6pm, and in Christchurch on Sunday from 10am-6pm. Click for full details and information about other local areas.

Christchurch, Under the Rainbow

17 December, 1pm

After the meteorological tribulations of yesterday the water has receded and life on the Quomps is now returning to something like normal. The rainbow is in the sky and and all’s well with the world.

Click the image.

Water, Water Everywhere

16 December, 5pm

Can you see the part-submerged Beryl Bikes in the image below, taken this morning at the Quay? Click the picture to see even more. It was not a day for a picnic, or even a sit-down by the path around the Quomps. You would have got very, very wet.

Covid – What Now?

15 December, 5.15pm

I am sure you are aware that the coming days are very important ones. Of course, at this time we should just have been talking about Brexit, the deal (or no deal!) and what the future would be like. However, Covid intervened and the rest is, sadly, not yet history.

Tomorrow the tiers across England are to be reviewed. Will we still be in tier 2? Then, of course, there is the debate over the five ‘free’ days at Christmas. Click Tobias Ellwood to see what he said, and to read more about the issues.

Possible Issues

Note also that the Christchurch Health Walks will be restarting in the new year.