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Thursday, 25th: Organ Concert at the Priory (12.30pm)
Sunday, 28th: Great British Beach Clean at Friars Cliff (10.30am-12.30pm)


  • 20 October, 8pm: New page about building development added to Governance/Other Council matters. All major developments will be put there soon.
  • 19 October, 6.45pm: Dog show tomorrow added to Coming Up (now removed) // 6.30am: Local election costs. Echo article
  • 17 October, 6.45pm: The true cost of the merger? Echo article. Read the comments under the article. Very interesting.
  • 16 October, 6pm: Another Silent Soldier
  • 15 October, 7.30pm: Update about the famous road works! // 7.15am: Echo report about the meeting in Somerford on Saturday

To contact with details of events and news, email confer@ThisIsChristchurch.com


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