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20 September: * Vaguely interesting update on Oddments. Click the picture.

19 September: * Christchurch Health Walks added for Oct0ber-December
18 September: * Coffee morning at Highcliffe Methodist Hall on Friday 20th, at 10am, supporting Highcliffe and Walkford in Bloom. It is to raise funds for the purchase of spring flowers and bulbs. This year they have been fantastic – click to see a picture (second one down). 
* News about the Christchurch Lions. Click the picture. News added to the Governance/Politics menu.
17 September: * Site map – events pages on site map renamed, with dates moved to the end for clarity. All events complete. Development (literally) at the Highcliffe Tandoori. Click the picture. Also moved on Planning index.

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Don’t forget the Christchurch Health Walks on most weekdays – not shown below
19 Sept: Walks from October-December added

Special Events, including the 20th Anniversary of the Nicholson Organ (Friday-Sunday):
*** See the poster here ***
  • SATURDAY, 21 September – 9.30-11am
    Play the Priory Organ (must be at least Grade V). Full details here
  • SATURDAY, 21 September – 7.30pm
    Organ recital, including the Poulenc Organ Concerto. Full details here
  • SATURDAY, 21 September – 7.30pm
    Octoberfest -Bavarian evening at Mudeford Wood Community Centre. See poster or click and scroll down.
  • SUNDAY, 22 September – 9.30am
    Rededication of the Priory Organ. Full details here
  • SUNDAY, 22 September – 3pm
    How it Works – explanation of how the Organ works, followed by a short recital. Full details here